Alpi Melissa Studio is proud to have become part of the network of Italian Professionals of IICUAE, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, starting from December 2022.

What is the “Italian Representative IICUAE” project?

Italian Representative IICUAE” is an institutional project by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates aimed at training and certifying Italian Lawyers, Accountants, and Consultants capable of providing advice and support to Italian companies interested in developing their business in the entire Gulf region.

The project addresses the increasing need of many Italian companies searching for a consultant with the strategic vision and the right international skills required to succeed in new markets or strategically expand into areas already served at a commercial level.

Internationalization Services by Alpi Melissa

Alpi Melissa Studio, through a team of qualified experts, compiles informative dossiers on the main customs and tax regulations and the presence of specific incentives for the benefit of companies.

In addition, in agreement with the client, the Studio offers specialized consulting on customs and international transport, resulting in tailored solutions to reduce the risks and costs of import-export operations, ensuring strategic access to foreign markets.

Furthermore, Alpi Melissa Studio conducts a customs “check-up” on company procedures and produced documentation, analyzing compliance issues such as customs classification, origin, customs value, Incoterms, transportation costs, and more.

How to access IICUAE services

Italian companies interested in the services can enter the dedicated chamber portal and request direct consultation from a Certified IICUAE Professional.

For more information about the services offered by IICUAE and how to access them, you can visit the official page on the website